Memorial Honor Roll Form

In the event of an Ontario Police Member’s death because of the line of duty, any police member or the family of the deceased can complete and submit the online Honour Roll submission form to the OPSM. During such a heavy time of grief, if you need any support filling out the submission form, please email:

Guidelines for Submission: 

  1. The police member being submitted was an active Ontario Police member during the time of death
  2. The police member being submitted died by suicide as a direct result of a trauma or injury sustained while performing their job


Post Submission Process: Once the form is received, the OPSM will review the submission to ensure that the guidelines have been met and determine whether the police member will be included in the memorial.  The OPSM understands that cumulative exposure to on-the-job trauma can significantly impact the mental health of police members and as such, is dedicated to understanding the complexities around mental health. If there is any additional information required, the OPSM will articulate their rationale to the applicant via email. The OPSM is responsible for maintaining the dignity of all submissions and will keep this core value at the forefront during the process.  

Historical Names: The OPSM includes the names on the Honour Roll only if they are put forth through the online submission process. If a name does not appear, please connect with us and the family of the deceased so that together we can ensure those who served, will never be forgotten.

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